Plan an Epic Surfing Vacation in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the world’s top surf destinations because of its warm waters, consistent year round surf, and easy access to breaks. We recommend three outstanding surf locations in our region.

Playa Avellanes and Playa Grande are two awesome beaches that take a little over an hour to get to but it’s worth it! Each beach has a wonderful surfing, body boarding, and swimming environment, plus a nearby restaurant/bar offering delightful light meals and tropical beverages. Both beaches accommodate beginning, intermediate, and expert surfers.  Surfing classes are available. The third beach, Playa Naranjo is a beach break, also called Witch’s Rock, is one of the world’s most famous surfing spots (“Endless Summer” fame) with Ollies Point. Primarily for intermediate to expert surfers, Witch’s Rock is located right within the Gulf of Papagayo and you can get there by boat in approximately 30 minutes.

Choose a Vacation Rental for a Surfing Retreat

Tamarindo- Known to the local surfers as the Zoo, Tamarindo is a great centrally located surf spot. Choose from popular Witch’s Rock and Playa Negra. Our many villas in Tamarindo will make it easy for you to hit the waves on your schedule. 

Guanacaste- It’s hard to pick a vacation rental in Guanacaste that isn’t next to a hot surf spot. Whether you are just learning to surf or consider yourself a seasoned master, finding a surf spot is easy. Choose from popular locations like Playa Junquillal, Las Birsas, or Marbella. 

Playa Flamingo- Have you dreamed of having a wave all to yourself? Then surfing Playa Flamingo is about to become your favorite surf beach in Costa Rica. With its pristine beaches and near empty waters, you can surf until your heart’s content. Up the ante on your dream surf vacation by staying in a beachfront vacation home on Playa Flamingo. 

Puntarenas- The world celebrates the surf in Puntarenas. In fact, Playa Hermosa hosts international surf competition that attracts top talent. If riding some of the best waves in the world is part of your dream surf vacation then staying in a villa in Puntarenas will be exactly what you need. 

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