Let Us Create an All Inclusive Vacation Package for Your Trip to Costa Rica

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After selecting Costa Rica as your vacation destination, there is still plenty to decide to create your dream vacation package.

Even if this isn’t your first trip to Costa Rice, it still is a monumental feat to make detailed arrangements from overseas. If you are a new visitor to Costa Rica the task of creating the perfect vacation package can be down right daunting. So here is what we propose for a Stress-Free Vacation: 

So here is what we propose for a Stress-Free Vacation: Let our knowledgeable reservation specialist help guide you through all of your options. She can walk you through all of our villas, sizes, locations, ideal place for activities. We are here to help you put together the perfect Costa Rica Vacation Package. You’ll be able to choose from all-inclusive options, want a chef to cook all of your meals? You got it. Want a private driver to take you exploring? Done. Need a babysitter so you can have a night on the town. No problem. 

Create Your Perfect Costa Rica Vacation by Choosing from All- Inclusive Plans to Non-Inclusive

On-Site ManagerLodging & FacilitiesHousekeeping & CleaningFull Meal PlanAlcohol / BeveragesService AttendantDedicated Vehicle/DriverRental Car Facilitation
AllInclusive PlanIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedOptionalIncluded
Semi-Inclusive PlanNot AvailableIncludedIncludedOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Non-Inclusive PlanNot AvailableIncludedIncludedNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableOptionalOptional

Our Costa Rica Vacation Packages Include Food Services

Your friendly concierge can explain the options you can select to make your stay at your dream vacation villa in Costa Rica, simply the perfect place for you and your group.  

We offer a number of exciting food service options for you to consider.

Do you want to have a chef in your villa during your stay, just some days or only for a specific occasion such an anniversary or birthday for a special dinner?

Your chef will present menu options for you to choose from and it will be prepared in your villa kitchen and served for you and your guests. How about some ambiance music to go with that special dinner? We can provide live musicians to perform right in your living room or on the deck by the pool… just picture it…All-Inclusive: Certain Villas offer an all inclusive plan, featuring a private in-house chef who will prepare three wonderful meals a day for your group! And, in the all-inclusive plans, alcoholic drinks, beverages, and snacks are available throughout the day as well! What a way to go! 

What about a bartender to deliver your favorite libations to the pool or during the cocktail hour, while you and your group enjoy the spectacular Costa Rican sunsets?

Choose from three distinct and elegant food options based on your vacation plans in Costa Rica.

All-Inclusive: Certain Villas offer an all inclusive plan vacation package in Costa Rica, featuring a private in-house chef who will prepare three wonderful meals a day for your group! And, in the all-inclusive plans, alcoholic drinks, beverages, and snacks are available throughout the day as well! What a way to go! 

Gourmet Menu Plan: For other Villas, we offer you the opportunity to choose meals from our chef’s Gourmet Menu and well have the meals you select catered into your Villa on days and times of your choosing! This gives you the opportunity to try out restaurants certain nights and have catered-in meals on other nights, a great way to enjoy the Costa Rican culture and the beauty of your own private Villa! We can also offer a chef and waiter to create a unique dining experience for that special occasion. Whatever you choose, we”ll be happy to review our menu selections with you to customize it to your group’s wishes, including any special dietary needs your group might have. 

Pre-Stocking Your Kitchen: You may just want us to pre-stock your Villa with staples so that its all there upon your arrival, allowing you to start your Villa vacation the moment you walk through the door! To accomplish this, we simply email you a comprehensive grocery list for you to check off what your needs are and your Villa will be stocked upon arrival, no hassle!



TRANSPORTATION OPTIONS for Your Costa Rica Vacation Package

Once you arrive we want to make sure that you have every resource at your disposal. This is why we offer a number of transportation options for our guests. Want a car and driver available for you during your stay or would you prefer help in renting a reliable car for you to drive? We can make that happen. Review your transportation options to add  to your vacation package in Costa Rica. 

Dedicated Driver/Vehicle: One approach to getting around Costa Rica is to let us do the driving. Under this option we provide a dedicated driver and vehicle that best accommodates the size of your group. The driver will be at your beck and call for the entire week, from the initial airport pick-up to the final airport return! This is the ultimate in convenience!

Rental Car Facilitation: Alternatively, you do the driving and we’ll facilitate your rental car needs in the most hassle-free way possible. Under this option, we”ll pick your group up at the airport and bring you to your Villa. Your rental car will be brought to your Villa by the Rental Car agent, where you can sign off on it. At the end of your stay, your rental car will be picked up at the Villa by the Agent, and we”ll drop you off at the airport.

We’ll Work with You to Plan Your Adventure Activities

In Costa Rica, fun-filled activities and adventures abound and you have many options on how best to enjoy them! We are specialists in planning Costa Rica Adventures and Activities and we will help you plan out all your vacation activities so they unfold like clockwork! To see what’s possible, review our Adventure and Activities



Luxury Amenities to Add To Your Vacation Package to Costa Rica

Finally, let us know how we can help you in any other way possible. These are just a few of the items we are used to facilitating for our customers!

      • Babysitting
      • Massages, Pedicures, Manicures
      • Celebrations and Special Events
      • Business Meetings
      • Cultural Immersion (e.g. Local schools, Music, Dancing,Shopping, Restaurants, Casino, Spanish lessons
      • Travel Extensions throughout Costa Rica

Let us know how we can start planning your Costa Rican vacation. Costa Rica Star Villas mission is to give you a Costa Rican experience that you will thoroughly enjoy and never forget!

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