Plan Your Next Vacation to Epically Beautiful Costa Rica

When you start researching your next vacation, start with Costa Rica. Choosing to travel to Costa Rica gives you a vacation that offers adventure, relaxation, wonder, and beauty in one of the safest destinations in Latin America. When you stay in a vacation rental from Costa Rica Star Villas you add an extra level of luxury and privacy to what will already be a memorable vacation.

Five Reasons Costa Rica is an Ideal Vacation Spot:

  • Incredible Bio diversity to explore new animals and plants
  • World Class water sports like surfing, diving, and snorkeling
  • There are 14 volcanoes to explore
  • 26 national parks
  • 213 private nature reserves
  • Bonus: Adventure only is limited by your imagination

Guanacaste Villas are a great way to explore Costa Rica

Stay in the elegant Puntarenas Villas on your vacation.

Travel to Costa Rica to Unearth Its Secrets 

Nature in Costa Rica is outstanding! If you saw the movie Jurassic Park you already saw some of our jungles since the movie was filmed here. Costa Rica offers a wide array of bio diversity and opportunities to experience the world in a way that is only possible here. Containing only 1/3 of 1% of the Earth’s land mass, it is home to the largest biodiversity, with 5 % of the species estimated to exist in the planet and hundreds of those are found nowhere else in the world. Costa Rica has 12 different Climatic Zones which make it possible for species that need different habitats, to thrive here. Because of this Costa Rica’s flora and fauna are prolifically varied and when you see it you will agree that there is probably no other place where you can find so many different hues of green. We have dry forests, cloud forests, tropical rain forests, deciduous forest, mangroves- each a habitat for different species of plants and animals.

Thanks to the distinct regions in Costa Rica, it’s easy to find exciting and educational activities to participate in. Whether you prefer land to over sea, or you love both, we have a huge selection of things to go in Costa Rica. The beaches here are gorgeous and come in all types to suit you: secluded to bond with the universe, beaches where the waves are so awesome that they host international surfing competitions, those with plenty of aquatic sports, some are right in town or down the lane from your own villa. If you prefer being in the water, plan a day surfing or learning how to surf. Join us for scuba diving or snorkeling to enjoy a glimpse of another world. Do you prefer to experience the water on a boat? Great, go on a fishing excursion, sailing, and for the adventures river rafting is a perfect way to see the rivers in Costa Rica.

When you imagine your vacation to Costa Rica you see lots of green land, hiking, and meeting locals, then we have activities to suit you. Explore gorgeous volcanoes. Costa Rica is home to 14 volcanoes, not all active. You can visit the National Parks around the volcanoes and enjoy their unique amenities, such as natural minerals mud baths to beautify your skin – let’s face it, getting muddy is fun and you have health as your excuse… then you immerse yourself in the natural thermal waters heated by the volcano where you can wash off the mud and enjoy a natural sauna. Two volcanoes, Arenal and Rincon de la Vieja, are within day travel distance from most of the Costa Rica Star Villas properties.

The land adventures don’t stop with volcanoes. Costa Rica has an impeccable National Park system. Costa Rica has 26 publicly managed national parks plus 213 Private Nature Preserves. Overall more than 25% of the country’s land mass is protected areas! Costa Rica Star Villas are within day tour distance of several of the best known offering a variety of habitats and natural attractions. National Parks close enough to visit from any of the Costa Rica Star Villas in the Province of Guanacaste are Palo Verde, Barra Honda, Arenal, Rincon de la Vieja and Santa Rosa. If you choose one of the gorgeous Costa Rica Star Villas in the Province of Puntarenas, you could tour the spectacular Manuel Antonio National Park or visit the marine national parks Ballena or immerse yourself in the world known lush rainforest of Corcovado National Park on the Osa Peninsula.

This has been a brief overview of what to expect when you travel to Costa Rica for your vacation. No wonder Costa Rica is a destination of such popularity!

The most convenient way for a family or friends group to enjoy their next vacation in Costa Rica   is one in of our famed private villas. They offer comfortable, luxurious accommodations that you don’t need to share with strangers. A most important thing that makes Costa Rica Star Villas stand out is the friendly and efficient staff which you experience from the first phone or email inquiry. Our sales representative will work with you so that you get the villa and amenities to fit your dreams and budget. And our concierge will personalize the experience for you. They are standing by as we speak, give them a call!

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