What’s Your Dream Costa Rica Wedding?

Costa Rica is arguably one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth. Long stretches of gorgeous beaches, stunning mountain and volcano top views, and lush rainforests all make incredible backdrops for weddings. And with so many options, it’s no wonder many couples find it hard to choose. That’s why we’ve put together this guide for choosing the best kind of Costa Rica wedding for you.

Why a Costa Rica Wedding?

Choosing to get married in Costa Rica isn’t for everyone. For those with lots of guests who will have difficulty making the trip, it simply may not be possible. And that’s okay.

Many couples think a Costa Rica wedding is outside their reach for financial reasons, however. But believe it or not, you could get married here for less than you think. If you choose to book a private villa with us, for example, accommodations and venue are all rolled into one price, whereas resorts may charge you just as much for just the venue.

If you think private accommodations and venues could be the right choice for your wedding, here are some of our best villas for your dream wedding, no matter what that looks like!

Types of Costa Rica Weddings

Every couple has a vision of their dream wedding, and each of those visions is unique. Costa Rica offers a variety of landscapes to fulfill any vision, And the best part? We have a villa to match, to.

Beach Weddings

Waves rolling onto pure white or shimmering black sand. Tico musicians playing love ballads. A tangerine sunset over the ocean. Beach weddings are popular just about anywhere there’s a beach, but since Costa Rica beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world, beach weddings here are transcendent. You and your guests can enjoy it all from a beachfront villa, like Hacienda Flamingo.

Adventure Weddings

Many adventure-loving couples want to celebrate love by doing something more extreme. Imagine getting married under water, or riding an epic wave on a surfboard, or peering over the edge of a volcano. All of these unique weddings are possible in the eco-adventure paradise of Costa Rica. Many Costa Rica Star Villas are close to adventure hotspots like Arenal Volcano and Parque Nacional Marino Las Baulas, such as Villa Nova in Playa Ocotal and Maravilla in Playa Hermosa.

Mountain Weddings

While getting married on the beach makes for a classically beautiful ceremony, many couples have loftier ideas. Getting married at higher altitudes has one huge advantage over getting married right on the beach: the views! Imagine being perched on a hillside, reading your vows, and gazing out over the ocean and beach below. Villa Antonio in Puntarenas and Casa de la Montana both offer breath-taking views from high above the water.

Rainforest Weddings

Is a rainforest wedding right for you? Close your eyes. Imagine the sounds of chirping birds and chattering monkeys. Picture lush greenery and leaves shading your ceremony from the canopy above. Is there a waterfall in the background of your wedding photos? With Costa Rica, it’s all possible. A rainforest wedding is perfect for couple who love nature and want to celebrate someplace completely unique. Nestled in the rainforest in Dominical, Water Villa makes an excellent venue for weddings.

Weddings on the Water

Some couples want to get married on the beach. Others want to get married perched above the water. Still others want to be on the water itself. For those who love the ocean, having their ceremony while on a sunset cruise around the bay, aboard a sailboat, or relaxing on a catamaran can be a unique choice of venue that you and your guests will remember forever. While each and every one of our villas is just minutes from the ocean, Villa Manzu in Peninsula Papagayo and Villa Estrella in Playa Ocotal are excellent options.

Small, Private Weddings

While Costa Rica is a great destination for weddings of all sizes, some couples desire a more intimate experience. Large resorts and public venues aren’t always ideal in these cases. These are the kinds of weddings that benefit most from our villas. When book with us, you get luxurious accommodations and even space, all in one, and it’s completely private. Choose any one of our villas for a personalized, intimate celebration of your love.

How to Have the Best Costa Rica Wedding

Finding the right location isn’t the only thing to consider when planning your destination wedding in Costa Rica. There’s also choosing a venue, coordinating with on-site local vendors, and organizing accommodations for the bridal party, family, and friends. While hiring a wedding planner who specializes in Costa Rica weddings can be a great asset, you’ll still need local contacts to help your planner find her way around and offer boots-on-the-ground assistance.

One of the easiest ways to have the destination wedding of your dreams is to book a luxury Costa Rica vacation rental. Depending on the size of your special event, you could find accommodations for your entire bridal party and family in one luxury villa. Or, you and your fiancée can have an entire villa to yourselves that enables you to start your honeymoon right away.

Many Costa Rica Star Villas make incredible mountain-view, rainforest, or beach-front venues for your ceremony, while offering gourmet kitchens, bars, and entertaining areas that are perfect for cocktail hours and receptions too. Plus, it’s all yours. You don’t have to worry about sharing space with other resort guests or blocking off areas so you can have them all to yourself. Private villas are entirely yours to celebrate in!

The truth is, many couples find that renting their own private villa for their wedding just feels more authentic. Others choose a villa over a resort because it’s cheaper: your accommodations and venue are all covered in one low price.

And the best part? Our villas can be as inclusive as you want. From bringing in all your own vendors and staff, to sitting back and letting us create the wedding of your dreams, and everything in between.

Learn more about destination weddings with Costa Rica Star Villas. Contact us today!