Getting to know Costa Rica

We at Star Villas thought that visitors or those thinking of visiting might like to know more about this enchanted land the original settlers called Costa Rica.  So we are starting a series of articles highlighting some of the many things that make this small country such a unique place and a major destination for travelers from all over the world.

Let’s start with the name.  Costa Rica translates literally as Rich Coast.  And we would like to explain what those riches are.  It’s not that the roads are lined with gold or that on a hike you might find precious gems on the ground. The riches of this country are the generosity of Nature’s bounty in its flora, its fauna, its people and its beauty.

The official language of the country is Spanish but you will find that many locals- particularly in the areas tourists are likely to visit- are also fluent in English and sometimes in French or other languages. A cool thing is going to the bank or the supermarket, for instance, in Playas del Coco (originally a fishing village which has become a lively international magnet) and overhearing other customers speaking English, German, French, Danish or other languages.  These people might be tourists come for a vacation, seasonal residents fleeing the frigid weather back home, or expats who have retired or come to open a business in this mini international community.  You find people from all walks of life and backgrounds at any of the local watering holes- but that would be for another edition of this blog.  Other themes you can look forward to are the local culture, traditions, festivals, elemental but practical Spanish lessons of useful phrases, the incredible fauna and flora, attractions to visit, the tours we offer and more.

If you find this of interest, please leave us a message so we know we are going in the right direction. We also welcome suggestions for any specific topics you might want us to cover.

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