Tours and wildlife in Costa Rica

What to do in your Vacation in Costa Rica

Part 1.

So you have decided to travel to Costa Rica for a vacation. I’m going to share with you the endearment name expats (people who live in a country other than where they were born) who know and love Costa Rica, call this charming country. We call it “Paradise” and after your first visit you probably will too!

I’ll list some of the  tours and adventures available for you to choose from. This is an overview and you should discuss your preferences with your knowledgeable Star Villas Concierge who can give you more detailed information on the specific activities you are interested in and will be happy to answer your questions.  One important factor you need to know from the beginning is that while there are countless companies and individuals offering to take you on tours, you should not entrust your and your family’s safety to unknown people no matter how friendly they might be. Before Star Villas Costa Rica adds a company to those we will be willing to recommend to you, we carefully vet them.  We make sure they possess all the necessary licenses and insurance to run a legal and ethical operation. And we look at their performance record. So you can feel secure in the knowledge that your tour guides and operators know their stuff and abide by all the legal requirements including the safety equipment required for some adventures such as zip lining.

There is more than one venue where you can enjoy several of these activities in the same trip.  You should probably look at what you would like to do and then tell your Star Villas Concierge so she recommends the tours or adventures that most closely match your preference.  She will also give you more specific information on the tours you choose, what is included, the duration, time of pick up and return as well as special instructions for each tour such as whether you should bring closed shoes or if flip flops will be sufficient. On some, especially the jungle trips, you will want to bring mosquito repellent and for about all tours, sunscreen and a hat with a visor plus sunglasses will be advisable.  Remember that Costa Rica is closer to the equator than you are used to and the sun will feel warmer because you will be nearer to it. As you pack, do not forget to pack your camera and the necessary chargers for any electronics you bring with you.

We’ll start with land activities and the options are plentiful.

  • horseback riding
  • hiking
  • tree canopy tour/zip lining
  • hanging bridges for a view from the tree canopy
  • animal sanctuary with Wildlife Permit License (mostly rescued animals)
  • botanical gardens
  • mountain biking
  • walking trails
  • Volcano and Beaches helicopter tours
  • naturalist hike on the foothills of the Tenorio Volcano
  • hanging bridges walk
  • rainforest hikes
  • cloudforest hikes
  • volcanic mud baths, hot springs
  • thermal waters
  • choose a bilingual naturalist guide for a full day
  • Visit to the village of Guaitil.  Renowned because everyone in town makes pottery with a special clay not found elsewhere.
  • Golf. Several world class golf courses are available within driving distance from your Star Villa such as the Four Seasons, Pinilla and Conchal

Fun in the oceanAfter all, you came to the beach and there is an array of activities beyond swimming!

  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking
  • Boat tours
  • Stand up paddle boarding (SUP), the new fun way to tour the coastline and beach hop on your board.
  • Surfing.  At a beach that is accessible by land transportation or take a boat to other famous sites. Lessons available

Sports fishing is a major reason why enthusiasts of this sport come to Costa Rica.  Fully equipped rental boats with experienced captains available

Diving.  Not certified? Not a problem. This is a great time to obtain your beginner or advanced certification with qualified, experienced bilingual instructors. The Gulf of Papagayo in our Pacific Coast is internationally known for large marine species.  Dive and explore sunken ships sites where ecosystems have developed, sustaining a variety of species. Check it out!

Explore the rivers of Costa Rica

Boat tours in a river to see flora and fauna in their natural habitat without being intrusive or scaring the wildlife away

  • River floating
  • River tubing
  • River rafting

Pamper yourself with our Spa services

  • Spa manicure and pedicure
  • Foot massage
  • Therapeutical massage

Our therapist will come to you to provide these services in the luxury of your villa. On the veranda, on the beach or in your tropical garden setting

Yoga lessons

All of these will add to your experience of wellness and leisure as you relax while being pampered.

Additional optional amenities that can help you customize your vacation in your Costa Rican Paradise

We offer birthday party packages, celebrations for anniversaries, and for any special occasion you are ready to celebrate. We can provide live music and also Chef service in your villa for specific days you choose or for your entire stay.

Though your Star Villas retreat in Costa Rica comes equipped with a magnificent pool, we also offer optional club membership facilities by the day or for your entire stay.  These will give you access to a beach club, tennis courts, swimming pool and gym. And it will give you as well the opportunity to interact, if you so choose, with others who are also enjoying their own vacation in Costa Rica.

Because every family or group is different, be sure to discuss with your Star Villas Concierge your special needs.  If you have elderly members in your entourage that require handicapped access, or young children who would need car seats, booster seats, pack and play, high chair, a crib, or a babysitter so you can be able to enjoy some of the Costa Rica nightlife or a tour not suitable for the very young, your concierge can arrange this for you and it’s always best to reserve any of those in advance as their availability is limited.

Our aim with this blog is to provide information that we hope will be useful when planning your getaway trip to paradise, and also to share with you a glimmer of Costa Rican life and culture.  For specifics about the services available your best resource is your friendly Star Villas Concierge.

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