Your vacation in Costa Rica can be…anything you want it to be!

For those who have already experienced vacations in Costa Rica it often means one or more of these things:  home-away-from-home, adventure sports, great weather, lively night life, wellness, wildlife and breathtaking nature, sport fishing, surfing, zip lining and more. For others the leisure of just hanging out at the beach or by the pool and being pampered in your villa by a professional staff and spa services in Costa Rican luxury style is what it’s about. Whatever your taste, Costa Rica Star Villas will meet your expectations.

A vacation here can be what YOU want it to be.  Talk to our knowledgeable and eager to please concierge and allow her to assist you in customizing your stay to fit your dreams.  Let her know if your preference is adventure tours, wellness activities and fitness such as yoga and nature hikes, exploring the national parks, going out in the town for an evening of fun and cocktails under the stars or any of the many tours we can help you with.  Costa Rica also boasts of a respected international “medical tourism” niche. If you need dental work done, for example, or elective surgery including those for aesthetic purposes, for what it will cost you to have it done at home you may be able to pay qualified dental or medical professionals for services comparable to those performed in countries such as the US, Canada or European nations while having enough funds left in the budget to afford the dream vacation in a seaside villa or one on a mountain overlooking the ocean.

We are doing a series on what you can expect from a vacation in Costa Rica and in future blogs we’ll be taking up more specifically the individual aspects and options as well as explaining some the culture and teaching you some basic and fun phrases to know in Spanish. Although the key staff of Star Villas is bilingual, you might want to demonstrate your language skills just for the fun of it.

If you like this exciting way of planning your vacation, follow us on Facebook atStar Villas Costa Rica and share your impressions with us. We would love to hear how your planning went and after your vacation, how much you enjoyed it.

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