Costa Rica Tours: Sport Fishing

Sports fishing is the favorite for many people to enjoy a day off, or many days during your vacations. In Costa Rica, you’ll find plenty of ways to fish, and also, you’ll create memorable days with entertaining fish tales for family and friends; and who knows, maybe they’ll want to catch up. Here you can look on two of the main kinds of sport fishing and some tips.

Costa Rica’s Shoreline Sport Fish

If you choose to stick near the shoreline, you’ll find plenty of snapper, who usually stay at the rocky-once-volcanic areas. The snapper can weigh upward of 60 pounds and are caught all year long. Snook are another fish found near the coasts; these fish feed on smaller fish and crustaceans near the reefs. The roosterfish is the most famous of the Costa Rican fish, as well as one of the most highly-prized catches. These fish are known as fighters, making them a thrilling catch for new and experienced people, and they surely will make the trip a nice deal, closing with a bit of excitement in a relaxed fishing day.

sport fishing costa rica

Costa Rica’s Deep Water Sport Fish

If you choose to venture out into deeper waters off the coast, you’ll discover a whole new world of fishing just 30 minutes from the shore. Blue and black marlin and sailfish are among the largest and most desirable of Costa Rica’s deepwater sport fish, ranging from 150 to 500 pounds. Yellowfin tuna are another potentially large catch, growing as large as 200 pounds and well known as some of the strongest fish in the sea. Hooking a sailfish is a unique and exhilarating experience, these fish often take the fight out of the water, testing your angling skills as they jump and twist on your line. An adult sailfish can be as long as ten feet and weigh up to 100 pounds or more, offering a dramatic prize at any time of the year.

Sport Fishing Tips

-Bring medication along with you to ensure comfort if the water gets choppy.

-Dressing in layers is often advised, as sea breezes or clouds can make even a warm day seem chilly when out on the water.

-Fishing different types of lures and baits can help you to catch a wider variety of sport fish

-Don’t forget your camera to capture all of your memorable catches

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